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Organized with the main theme “You Design From Nature To Art”, Zeki Yurtbay Ceramic Tile Design Competition has reached its’ 10th year. The competition is considered the longest-running event of Turkey organized in this field and this year’s theme is “Break It Make It, Break It Don’t Make It”.


(Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design)

Design is one of the basic elements of production in industry. And design in ceramics sector is directly associated with living spaces and elements thus has to be more useful and of creative quality.

Zeki Yurtbay

Started off for the encouragement of art and design in Turkey for improvement and for the purpose of supporting young designers and gaining new designers to the ceramics sector and being welcomed with an ever-increasing interest for years, the “Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition” offer youth to bring their dreams together with real life. This way, it assists on applicability of design education, design projects in universities and eliminating the deficiencies upon realization process.

With the main theme of “You Design From Nature To Art”, Yurtbay Seramik makes contribution to the designers of future to discover their unique and creative ideas and supporting ceramics sector with the power of design and its’ goal is to reveal authentic designs eligible for application and production and support the strengthening of the “designer” identity.

This competition, being organized since 2012-2013 with the motto “You Design From Nature To Art” and “Nature” theme and stipulating respect to nature and ecosystem and improvement of sense of protection, is intended a single-stage event for a wide population of students studying in Art and Design, Fine Arts and Architecture faculties.

The competition is open for the participation of students in the under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate (master and proficiency in art) students in the universities giving education in design in the Republic of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Participations can be made individually or as a team work. Organization is carried through very earnestly by “Yapı Medya Iletisim”, and the projects participated are meticulously evaluated and ranked by a jury with every member having reputable positions in the design and ceramic art field.

With this competition, being held with a different sub-theme every year, designs created with inspiration from nature and life, encourage young designers and also bring along the confidence of success. Every year, the project in the first rank is taken into the production line under the factory and exhibited by Yurtbay Seramik in the UNICERA fair.

Starting off with Yurtbay Seramik founder Honorable Zeki Yurtbay’s respect for labor and trust on the youth who will change the future, and his due care on managing the competition with seriousness in every stage from start to end, are consolidating the sense of reliance to this competition.

The theme of 2023 was determined as “Break It Make It, Break It Don’t Make It” by the jury and by asking “can you create a game where you put the rules of by using tiles with pre-determined sizes? Can your design become a game not only for you but also for the user? Will there be a whole new design appearing at the end of the tunnel when the parts are aligned differently?” it was inviting the young designer to a game. After the participation of 586 students in 79 teams from 203 universities, the awards is given to their owners with a meticulous jury evaluation.

Organized with this theme, the Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition is celebrating its’ 10th year and while preserving its’ place as being the longest-running event that is organized and keeps being organized in this field in our country, it also offers a good example of sustainability. This competition supports art and design education and prepares students to a professional life and will be memorized as the first sustainable, long-running event.

Making a bridge between education and production, this event is consolidating itself with an ever-increasing interest and participation every year which will make it a driving force to organize new competitions.

For many more ten years “Zeki Yurtbay Ceramic Tile Design Competition”.



  • 1st Prize: Hande Tekin - Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Industrial Design Department

  • 2nd Prize: Ece Diliuz - Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department

  • 3rd Prize: Ezgi Avci - Trakya University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Architecture Department & Melih Alkan- Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration

Equivalent Mentions:

  • Selvihan Gulbengi Oztas & Tugsem Altun - Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department

  • Elcin Kara Vatansever - Istanbul Technical University Graduate School of Architectural Design Department

  • Irem Nur Taskın & Eylul Civelek - Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department



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