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Leader brand of ceramic adhesive and jointing industry, Kalekim’s transparent waterproofing material, Izopur Trans allows for waterproofing without loss of aesthetics.

It’s a well known fact that making waterproofing application by breaking the ceramics on the surface is a troublesome situation by means of time, additional costs and living comfort. Instead, with the products and application solutions developed by Kalekim, it’s possible to make waterproofing application with an interlayer on the existing ceramic tiling.

Especially the water piling up in terraces and balconies beacuse of rain and snow, may cause various problems in spaces by infiltrating through tiling concrete even there are proper discharge measures taken. Likewise, the inadequate slope in the balcony and terrace concrete during building construction, low application quality, lack of drain pipes and other similar problems in time causes the water to infiltrate into the building. Izopur Trans which is offered as a solution to these problems and can be applied easily, is resistant to UV rays, water and frost and does not go yellow.

With trasnparent looking Izopur Trans, it’s possible to provide waterproofing for balconies and terraces tiled with all kinds of materials like granite, marble other than ceramic, without even need to break open the existing tiling. Izopur Trans, with the advantage of being transparent, is also used in protection and proofing of glass brick, natural stone, wooden and bamboo surfaces.


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