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Providing service to Turkey's largest ceramic and porcelain manufacturers, Delmar contributes to providing high quality products by meeting all the surface treatment consumables of the industry.

Delmar; with the surface treatment consumables it produces or has produced by taking into account the needs of the ceramic industry, it helps ceramic and porcelain manufacturers to achieve the product quality they aim for.

Delmar, which was established to develop products used in areas that require processing such as inclined and angled areas, small holes, bottom places and sensitive surfaces, continues to develop its product range with Absive sponges, Alumina abrasives, retouching sponges, rubber belts, repair fillers and other surface consumables.

Providing service to Turkey's largest ceramic and porcelain manufacturers; with its industrial infrastructure strengthened by water jet cutting, cnc cutting, press cutting, grinding and drilling machines, it has the capacity to produce different kinds of material demands of its customers in the desired type, shape, size and feature.


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