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Ege Seramik 2022 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was held in June in Izmir Kemalpasa, where the Head Office and production facilities are located. 2022 activities and important agenda items were shared with partners and shareholders.

At the Ordinary General Assembly, Ege Seramik Board of Directors decided to continue with the same members for another year. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of Ege Seramik, which will serve in 2023, has been determined as Ibrahim Fikret Polat, Enver Sever, Siamak Jalili, Tugba Tarlan and Tola Becer, under the Chairmanship of Murat Polat. In addition, in line with the Capital Markets Corporate Governance Principles, the Audit Committee, the Early Detection of Risk Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee were established to work under the Board of Directors.

The amendment to the articles of association to increase the registered capital ceiling of the company from 150 million TL to 3 billion TL was approved at the general assembly, and the issued capital of the company was registered as 360 million TL.

Murat Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ege Seramik, in his statement after the General Assembly said: “As Ege Seramik, in the light of our half-century experience; despite the many difficulties we experienced in 2022, when we proudly celebrate our 50th anniversary, we have managed to minimize all negativities with the rapid measures and actions we have taken as management, and we have left behind another profitable and successful period. Our primary goal is to carry our company to better positions than the previous year under all circumstances. I hope the 2023 accounting period will be beneficial for our company, our shareholders, our business partners and all our employees.”


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