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23 works of 23 young future artists from graduate and post-graduate students of Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department, has been exhibited in Art Ankara Art Fair held between 12th-15th March.

Consisting of student works of the last two years, this exhibition has involved 20 cm3 works made as part of the lesson by a group of students who have selected the “Ceramics and Mixed Materials-Mixed Techniques” lesson that is being lectured by me for a while. Each student has presented his or her work to the audience with a manifest he or she wrote.

Within the scope of this lesson, what’s pointed out is the importance of the ceramics in both the art field and the industry field and students are expected to follow the technological changes and make use of these resources in their artistic works. In addition they’re expected to form up a work by giving them the food for thought that art is not only about hand skills and technical information. For this reason they’re being narrated that they need think before they create and compare the final work with the work in their head after they create. In addition to the 4 year education they have in order to be able to tangibly transform every object they think into clay, they’re made realize that they can also use other materials besides clay. In addition all our students are made to think to perceive all the cultures in the universe and live embracing these cultures so that they can catch the era in their works more easily.

Even the clay is a very suitable material to express ourselves and one that’s very pleasing to work with, as Picasso said that art can be made with any material. The limitless imagination of the artist will combine other materials and techniques with the ceramic materials and techniques. It’s not that important by which material you do the art but how you do it”.


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