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First Turkish company that has Environmental Product Declaration ‘EPD’ for all of its’ products, Kaleseramik, with its’ major brand Kale Banyo, offers hygiene and saving together in one. Company’s ‘SmartHygiene’ featured products that were brought out with ‘Smart’ philosophy, creates more hygienic environments with less water and cleaning supplies.

Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap, stating that since 2017 they produce with ‘SmartHygiene’ as standart in their vitrified products such as toilet, washbasin, urinal, toilet cover and said that they don’t add extra price in products for this. Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap, pointing out that they have a human, technology and design oriented approach to their products, said “We’re working to create new eco-friendly solutions and elegant spaces rather than to offer products. With Kale Banyo brand, we aim to leave a better world for tomorrow by consuming less water and energy in every step we take from design to production. With the products aimed at saving that we design with ‘Smart’ philosophy, we also offer eco-friendly solutions.”

One of the most germ hosting places at houses are bathrooms. From Campylobacter to Salmonella, E.Coli to Aspergillus, several bacteria nests in especially toliets and washbasins because of their moist environments. Fort his reason a hygienic bathroom is important for health. And the safest way to have a hygienic bathroom is to take the precautions beforehand. Bringing in many innovative products to Turkey , Kale Banyo produces its’ vitrified products such as toilet, washbasin, urinal, toliet cover used in many common share areas from residences to workplaces, restaurants to hotels, gyms to shooping malls, with SmartHygiene feature. For it provides easier cleaning with less cleaning supplies, Kale Banyo also offers nature friendly solutions.

Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap, underlining that SmartHygiene feature is proven to prevent growth of new bacteria and break the cellular integrity of and kill already existing ones in the tests conducted by independent laboratories, also noted that less cleaning supplies and water will be consumed to achieve a hygienic bathroom with this technology meaning that environment will be polluted less. Yurdatap continued as follows “As Kale Banyo; we’re very proud to produce all our vitrified products with SmartHygiene feature and bring them to the consumer. SmartHygiene maintains its’ antibacterial characteristic provided with its’ products as of by the very first day. Nano sized silver ion contained within damages the cell wall of germs and detoriorates their DNA and RNA integrity. Nano silver ions used prevents bacteria growth on products and kill existing ones.”

Here are some of the products in Kale Banyo’s saving-oriented, eco-friendly and innovational ‘Smart’ group:

Easy-cleaning toliet: ‘SmartWash

Kale, with the ‘SmartWash Toilet’ released as a result of an R&D and design application study of one year, offers a %100 more hygienic and easy cleaning system compared to toilets with standard duct. The system that provides protection against dirt and bacteria with its’ ductless design, ensures a washout that spreads water equally and doesn’t splash it out with its’ Kale patented special jet-type washout system. ‘SmartWash Toliet’ in Kale’s ‘AquaSmart’ group providing water-saving, is working flawlessly with its’ hygienic ductless structure. ‘SmartWash Toilet’, awarded with ‘Golden Plumb’, is particularly interested by consumers and professionals for having an easy-cleaning inside resorvoir, washing the whole surface from a little dispensing point by using water’s own volumetric weight, its’ ductless structure, minimizing the impact on environment due to less cleaning supply usage and its’ simple design.

Sophisticated colors and sparkle: ‘SmartColor’

Offering with its’ ‘SmartColor’ series the antibacterial and easy-cleaning washbasins with Kaleguard surface protection, Kale completes the washbasin design and color with ceramic novatic. Turning bathrooms to spacious places with the matt color alternatives ‘white, black, mink, pearl and anthracite’ coming to life in ‘SmartColor’, Kale makes a difference in bathrooms with its’ toilets shiny inside and matt outside. Toilets always bearing a sparkling look with their special crystalized surface, are changing the atmosphere of bathroooms.

Easy-care, electronic: ‘SenseSmart Urinal

SenseSmart Urinal, offering easy-care feasibility with its’ patented assembly kit and drain flush, is standing out with its’ Integrated Microwave system sensing the liquid without photocell. Esthetic looking SenseSmart Urinal saves %30 on water compared to standard urinals. The system spreads the water equally with a nozzle and finishes the washout with only 1 liter of water. Electronical Urinal also cleans itself automatically in every 24 hours.

Both clean and saving: ‘AquaSmart Urinal

Kale’s ‘AquaSmart Urinal’ that both performs effective cleaning and %30 saving on water with only 1 liter of water, is standing out with its’ environment friendly design. AquaSmart Urinal, featuring equal water spreading with nozzle, fully fits with compact washout system.


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