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“Seracare” product group, developed by Kalekim as a surface celaning and care material, is offering excellent solutions for the cement residues on surfaces to the stains in jointings. While giving a first day look to tiling materials like ceramic, granite, marble and jointings it’s also the greatest assistant to householders in cleaning and care processes afterwards.

Kalekim is fulfilling all the expectations of users with its’ organic cleaning material “Seracare Jointing Cleaner” which removes off the dirt, lime and detergant residues from ceramics and jointings without wearing them. With the help of this organic product, used by spraying from a short distance to the natural dirts piling up on jointing, a clean surface is achieved with a mop or sponge just in 3-5 minutes. Besides, the product is cleaning the jointing surface without wearing it thanks to its’ natural content. It offers excellent solutions for users requesting jointings that preserves their first day color and purely clean ceramic at their homes.

Cement and stain remover

“Seracare Cement Remover”, developed by Kalekim to clean off the cement based adhesive and jointing residues left on ceramic surfaces, provides an extremely easy and effective cleaning on all ceramic tiled spaces such as bathroom and kitchen at first. This product is used in easy cleaning of all cement and lime based construction wastes and mortar residues on tiling materials like ceramic, porcelain ceramic, granite, clinker, kotto, rustic tile, hearthstones, natural stone. With the help of Seracare Cement Remover, an acidic cleaning agent that cleans off the cement residues on acid-resistant tiling materials without exposing hazardous gasses, a very clean surface is achieved with a mop or sponge in only 3-5 minutes.

The other product of the series “Seracare Stain Remover” gives effective results in removing tough stains like coffe, oil, fruit juice on materials like ceramic, granite, marble and eases the cleaning work.


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