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Root, Artema's new faucet series, certified with the "European Unified Water Label", both prevents unnecessary water use and saves energy. It also harmonizes with bathroom furniture with its angular design.

BluEco technology, which moves Artema's control lever only 90 degrees to the left, prevents unnecessary hot water consumption by giving cold water even when the faucet is opened in the middle position. Since the combi boiler does not operate unnecessarily and hot water is not consumed, 60% energy savings can be made in the residences. Root Square, which is the latest addition to these eco-friendly faucets, provides 70% water savings by allowing 5 liters of water per minute, thanks to its special perlators.

Artema’s new Root faucet collection is an important complement to imagined bathroom designs with its variety of forms, colors and sizes. The Root Square faucets in the collection also save the family budget and the world. Root Square, which is also distinguished by its variety of colors; it completes the bathroom furniture with its chrome, gold, copper, brushed nickel or matte black options.

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