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Kazim Demir, Chairman of the Board of Ceramic Glass and Cement Raw Materials Producers Association (SERHAM) and Esan Eczacibasi Industrial Raw Materials Operations Director, passed away on March 6.

Demir's body was buried in his hometown, Cakırbeyli village of Aydin. The death of Kazim Demir, who died due to an embolism in his brain, caused great sadness.

Kazim Demir, who was born in Aydin in 1969, completed his education in 1991 and graduated from the Department of Mining and Mineral Engineering at Middle East Technical University.

 After starting his professional life, he took on important positions in leading companies of the sector such as Eti Borates Work, Cayeli Copper Mines, Ciner Group, Sibelco, Esan Eczacibasi. Following his position as General Manager of Sibelco Turkey, he served as Industrial Minerals Operations Director at Esan Eczacibasi as of 2021. In addition, he played an active role in the sector as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ceramic Glass and Cement Raw Materials Producers Association (SERHAM).

Kazim Demir, one of the important names of the mining industry in Turkey, was married and the father of three children.


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