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The letter which Prof. Hamiye Colakoğlu wrote long before her death and mailed 20 years ago to be delivered on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic, reached the HU Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics and Glass Department, which she founded. The current Head of the Department is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mutlu Baskaya wrote about the importance of the letter.


Today (October 26, 2023), we received the 2-page letter that our esteemed teacher Hamiye Colakoğlu wrote to us, her children, 21 years ago to reach us on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. It can be understood from her writings what kind of foresight this great artist, who we lost 8 years ago, had. We are honored to be a part of such value. Our teacher wanted to be with us, her children and live this moment with us on the 100th anniversary of the Republic; with her artistic sensitivity and foresight, her wish came true. Because thanks to this great surprise she gave us, we deeply felt the feelings of Republic child Hamiye Colakoğlu and celebrated the Republic Day in a different way this year... This letter became the spokesperson of everyone who is from the same generation as her and who deeply felt the spirit of the Republic, whether alive or dead... An amazing spirit called to us from far away and wanted to be with us, her children and celebrate this great holiday together. This letter has been a great example of faith and common sense, coming from beyond all times.

Thanks to the determination to work, to share and to love instilled in us by our teacher, Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department, which has an important place in contemporary art, teaches "the diversity of ceramics, its contributions to humanity, art and science" to the youth who come to our university from the farthest corners of our country. As our teacher stated, "Thanks to the universities, Anatolia is not far from anyone today; we are close to them and they are close to us.”

Ödül Işıtman, Mutlu Baskaya, Candan Dizdar Terwiel

Today, the students she educated have educated other teachers. Candan Dizdar, one of her first students and now a professor, shared her future project as a testament to Terwiel. Prof. Dr. Candan Dizdar Terwiel worked diligently with the Department of Ceramics and Glass to realize this will, and established the Private Hamiye Colakoglu Ceramics Museum within the Hacettepe State Conservatory in order to pass on the works of her teachers to future generations.



Hello My Dear Children,

I wanted to be together in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, with the love of believing and trusting you. Maybe I won’t be alive now.

The love, solidarity, sharing and sensitivity that I tried to instill in you were the philosophy of working hard, capturing the right and contemporary thought... You proved this idea while working together in our department.

I believe that you work with the same sensitivity today and that you maintain the innovation that is important in art with your successful works in our country and on the international platform.

Ceramics, which extends from the beginning of human history to the present day and reflects the artistic sensitivities of societies, has carried humans into space with the infinity of its technology.

You initially worked in the fine arts faculties of the newly established universities in our country and taught the youth in the farthest corners of our country about the diversity of ceramics and its endless contributions to humanity, art and science. You still continue this sacred duty. We are honored by your successful work.

Anatolia is not far from anyone today. We approached them and they approached us. Art has a very important place in love and unity, and you are in this place.

In your awareness, ceramic art will keep its important place in history at the top of our contemporary arts.

Ceramics which includes all branches of art, is a branch of art that requires a lot of effort and is open to research. Maybe the mankind will use it to create the mysterious music inside that he cannot reflect…

I believe that one day artists will fill our world with peace. I know the dedication and resistance of our artists in every branch in our country. I love you very much, I am honored by your friendship. I hope that one day ART policy will be supported more broadly by the state.

My dear children, I am leaving you examples of my work and the various values ​​I have, in case they will help you from different perspectives. Protect them and tell future generations how I came through a difficult path and without compromising on anything... My heart has always kept me alive, full of love and open feelings to share.

Continue on your path without fear as virtuous, hard-working, productive, thinking and loving people... In the end, you will be at the peak of success and being loved. I embrace you with love…

P.S: Your valuable teacher, Prof. Dr. Candan TERWIEL will have the details of my future project.

Hamiye Colakoglu

25 X ‘02



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