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22 ceramic and sculpture artists living in Bodrum with different dynamics from each other, has produced their works with the “Waters Raising” theme and their works met with the blueness in the Karaada Kacakci Bay. The underwater exhibition is allowed to be seen during the whole summer with the support of the diving schools.

Photographs: TUNC EMRE KARAKOYUNLU, Underwater Imaging Specialist

Brought into action with the supports of Bodrum District Governorship and Bodrum Municipality, under main sponsorship of MeRQez Art and with the collaboration of Bodrum Marine Museum, International Rotary 2440th District Federation and Mavi Ege Denizi Rotary Club, the Blue Exile Art Project Underwater Art Exhibition is opened in Karaada.

Bodrum District Governor Bilgehan Bayar, Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, Mugla Chief Prosecutor of the Republic Mehmet Nadir Yagci, the Marine Museum Director Selen Cambazoglu, Mavi Ege Rotary Club Director Sule Kukrer and Rotary District Assistant Governor Mert Korur and Rotarians and the art consultant of the project Tao Ulusoy together with the artists have attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition is opened with the ribbon cutting underwater and hosted the works of 22 artists.

Bodrum District Governor Bilgehan Bayar dived in the exhibition opening and cut the opening ribbon underwater and said: “Our 22 artists living in Bodrum seem to have a desire to give many messages in many themes. This is precious and valuable. And as the Bodrum District Governor, I also endeavor to participate in every project which will raise and glorify Bodrum. Of course, tourism is not only about sea, sand and sun. One of these branches is the diving tourism. What’s desired in fact is an emphasize on art and an endeavor to give messages. And there’s an effort in here to make this message stronger by doing it underwater which makes it a very powerful one.”

They joined forces for Bodrum

Bodrum Mayor has participated in the exhibition opening by diving underwater and remarked that it’s an important and good promotive move for Bodrum to make an art park underwater and carrying art underwater and said: “With the main sponsorship of MeRQez Art and our Marine Museum, Mavi Ege Rotary Club, our diving schools, municipality, district governorship, chamber of commerce, chamber of marine commerce… I believe we brought a very important project into being with all these supports. There are the works of 22 artists underwater in total with each one being a masterwork. I thank a lot to our artists. They have done a great job. It’s also a project that points out especially the sea pollution and environmental conscience. Even violence against women is treated as a subject underwater. I examined every one of them. There’s again the life and bio-diversity under extinction due to violent hunting being treated as a subject too. There’s the portraying of a fish getting caught into the nets and trapped in them released into the water. I think the works underwater are marvelous. That’s why I really mind this project a lot. I hope our valuable artists will go on as this in the future years. There are very important artists involved in this project. If there’s art and artist Bodrum will blossom out. We believe Bodrum will become more beautiful with culture, art, literature. And I thank a lot to those who have endeavored for this.’’

Bodrum Marine Museum Director Selen Cambazoglu indicated that this project made with the collaboration of Bodrum Marine Museum and Mavi Ege Denizi Rotary Club, is one of the most exciting museum projects and stated out they believe that this project will better promote the underwater culture and tourism of Bodrum.

Mavi Ege Rotary Club Director Sule Kukrer remarked that this project which concerns the environment and sea with art and said: “We make the opening with a ceramic exhibition today. It’s going to be lively as a grig. The project will go on with an art exhibition and plus a photography exhibition. A project that will continue with documentary film presentations and conversations on marinership.”

Artists who have involved in the project with the “Waters Raising” theme are: Ahmet Hidir, Bagdagul Demirturk, Betul Karakaya, Birge Betil, Burcu Karabey, Emine Turk, Esra Saglik, Guliz Pilge, GulperiPahna Angin, Handan Gaga Kasser, Inci Iyibas, Inci Lakay, Irfan Aydin, Iris Noyan Pala, Mehmet Kutlu, Mustafa Canyurt, Nurten Nurlu, Saba Baner, Samet Aygun, Sibel Hepsayar, Tevfik Karagozoglu, Toprak Sencer.

The works were exhibited underwater in Karaada/Kacakci Bay between the dates 20th May – 20th of September 2022. Those who were wishing to see the exhibition have experienced the joy of art underwater with the support of the diving schools. Those who didn’t have a diver badge were able to dive into the exhibition area with Discovery dives or by having a first level course. In addition, Blue Exile Art Project Underwater Exhibition Photography Competition has been brought into life in connection with the exhibition.


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