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Fittings in Artema's Root collection provides extra saving in energy and water consumption. With the ceramic cartridges added to fittings to take water under control, it's possible to adjust heat and flow.

With its' special cartridge avoiding water-loss, Artema's Root fittings contributes to both a sustainable future and the family budget.

Thanks to the ceramic cartridge, the water to be consumed can be limited even when the fittings is opened at the highest level. While a sink fitting may reach up to a 12 liters water consumption per minute under 3 bars pressure according to the TSE/EN standard, fittings with special cartridges of adjustable heat and flow, provide a water-saving up to 90% over this value.

With the grey hoop on the cartridge, the highest possible heat of the water can be designated. This way, it's prevented to use excess hot water and possible to save on energy in cold winter months.


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