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The wooden-like ceramics in Bien's new collection brings the colors of nature together with the aesthetics and durability of ceramics. The new collections Bosco, Eleganza, Fenix, Iroko, Logs and Tsuga brings the warmth of autumn to interiors and outdoors.

Bien brings the specific atmosphere of autumn into the spaces with its wooden-like ceramic collections. Produced with advanced technology with inspiration from the rich color palette of autumn and adding a stylish touch to living spaces with its details, the new ceramic collections also make you feel the warmth of nature in spaces.

With its colors, designs and realistic wooden pattern details, the new collections with 20x120 centimeter dimensions, addresses both classical and modern tastes. The products brings the natural beauty of wood together with the durability of ceramics and also resistant against water, moisture and impacts. It's also able to offer various alternatives in interiors and outdoors with its wide range of pattern and color options.


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