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Turkish Ceramics Federation, on behalf of the ceramic sector, is involved in the national move started with the motto “Vocational School, A Matter Of Motherland" for increasing the cooperation of vocational schools with the regarding sectors and raising sufficient number of qualified employees suiting the needs of the sector. A cooperation is established between ISO, TSF and T.R. MEB Pendik Nuh Kusculu Ceramic and Glass Technology Anatolian High School.

What's planned in the first phase in the program started in 2021 are; redesigning class schedules, improving laboratory facilities, developing internship opportunities and employment possibilities of graduates in their own field, company technical visits that will ensure teachers and students to make on-site observations of production processes in ceramic sector.

Supported for the purpose of ceramic sector to be able to raise qualified mid-personnel, the program is planned to be generalized and aimed at creating a solution to the problem which constitutes a serious constraint in the sector.


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