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VitrA's Sento Kid bathroom collection developed for the needs of kids, is granted awards from Good Design and iF. VitrA's bathroom collection Sento Kid designed specific to kids at 3-4 and 5-6 age groups, is granted the Good Design and iF Design Award 2021 awards. Offering bathroom solutions bringing out ergonomics, hygiene and safety all together, the series is developed considering the gender, length, weight and knee heights of the kids with the test studies conducted in the Ergonomics Laboratory at VitrA Innovation Center. VitrA Hygiene special glazing technology is used in all ceramic products, which prevents bacteria growth 99,9 percent. With simplicity, round lines and secret mounting details in their designs, products in the collection are intended to leave no space for dirt accumulation.

Along with its' color and size variety, Sento Kid also brings together the height options for different age groups in a single form. In order to allow kids touch the ground with their feet, the toilet is mounted at 28 cm height for 3-4 years old kids and at 35 cm height for 5-6 years old kids. The control panel compatible with built-in reservoir is located at a height between 75-85 cm so it can be reached even by kids at 3 years old. And the gradual structure of the triple sink enables kids with different lengths to easily reach to the sink.


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