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VitrA Tiles, the flagship ceramics division of Eczacibasi Group, has been inducted into the Global Lighthouse Network (GLN), recognised as a Factory Lighthouse alongside 21 new members of the World Economic Forum’s initiative for leaders in manufacturing innovation.

Hasan Pehlivan and Atalay Gumrah

The summit organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held on January 15-20 in Davos, which hosts the most influential leaders of the politics, economy and business world every year. Proud news came for the Turkish ceramics industry from the summit, which was held for the 54th time this year with the theme of "Building Trust". VitrA Tiles, the export champion in the export of ceramic tiles from Turkey to EU countries, has also made its name among the world's Industry 4.0 champions. VitrA Tiles's production facility in Bilecik, Bozuyuk has been included in the "Global Lighthouse Network" (GLN), which WEF points out as the "production facility of the future" by selecting the most advanced production facilities in the world.

GLN which includes a total of 153 facilities worldwide with 21 new additions this year, consists of production facilities that demonstrate a leading approach to applying Industry 4.0 technologies on a large scale by transforming value chains and business models. VitrA Tiles also stands out as the first ceramic tile manufacturer to have its name among the world's Industry 4.0 leaders.

The award documenting VitrA Tiles's participation in GLN was presented at the awards night held within the scope of the Davos Summit. The award was received by Eczacibasi Group CEO Atalay Gumrah and VitrA Tiles CEO Hasan Pehlivan.

Recalling WEF's Founder Klaus Schwab's statement, "We must rebuild trust by building a more promising future together", Eczacibasi Group CEO Atalay Gumrah said, "We are also working to build a healthy future. By pioneering a modern, high-quality and healthy life, we assume a leading role in all our sectors in adopting and disseminating smart technologies that add value to the economy, society and our planet.”

VitrA Tiles CEO Hasan Pehlivan said, “Our success, crowned with a world-wide award, is not an investment with an end, but a long-term journey, a new way of doing business. “With the support of Eczacıbaşı Group, we will continue to create added value for the future of our country and the world, with the wind of smart technologies behind us.”


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