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Furnitures in VitrA's new collection Root, make narrow bathrooms spacious with size and model variety and organize and open for more room in wide bathrooms.

VitrA developed the new Root collection to let the imagined bathroom designs to be able to be made real. Designed with a system approach thinking of all the details in a bathroom, the collection stands out with its' specially designed furnitures in order to allow bathrooms to be designed smartly. Making the narrow bathrooms spacious with their size and model variety, the furnitures bring a more organized and productive structure to wide bathrooms.

Bearing the signature of the VitrA design team, the furnitures in Root collection; makes it easy to design customized bathrooms with distinctive style thanks to its' various texture, color, module and handle options. Furnitures in the collection are offered with three different design alternatives for a customized bathroom experience. Having three different color palettes as matte, shiny and wooden, Root Flat with its' plain and simple lines, appeals to those who like minimal bathroom designs. Offered with seven different color options as white, light grey, grey, graphite, navy blue, retro green and fjord green, Root Groove with its' joint gap detail on cabinet doors and matte color options, enables for more modern bathroom designs. Drawing attention with its' matte colors, Root Classic becomes the choice of those who seek classic and traditional design styles.

Designed to meet all kinds of needs, the cabinets and drawer units in the Root collection helps keeping all the stuff organized. Divisions inside the drawers allows for easy organization of items like blow dryer, brush and hair wand. While the sink cabinet with four drawers and double tanks, designed for larger bathrooms, offers an ideal solution for bigger families, the sink and full cabinets with doors and drawers, designed specifically for narrow bathrooms, brings functional solutions even to the smallest spaces.


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