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VitrA Karo, which participated in the Coverings fair for the 4th time, which is the harbinger of new trends in the tile ceramic industry in America, exhibited its designs in line with the preferences of the American market, as well as its newest products.

Coverings, one of the most important specialized fairs in the field of ceramic tile and natural stone industries, was held in Atlanta, USA, on 22-25 April 2024. VitrA Karo attended the fair, hosted by the USA, the world's largest ceramic tile importing country, and where more than a thousand brands from 40 countries participated, for the 4th time this year. The 120 square meter VitrA Karo stand featured live displays as well as marble and outdoor walls.

While Meteorite, Cemental, Color2.0, Flakecement, Marmo Nuovo, Meteorite, Noblestone, Royalstone and Woodart series were used in live displays, a marble wall was created with Citymarble, Marble-X and Marmori series. Cardostone, Ceppostone, Craft, Flakestone, Metro, Newcon, Noblestone, Quarstone, Royalstone, Ultra 2.0 and Urbancrete series were exhibited at the VitrA Karo stand. Considering the preferences of the American market, the technological features of the products displayed on the stand walls, such as reaLook, V-Coat, V-Safe, VitrA Professional, which are among the living solutions that aim to make life easier, were also emphasized.

VitrA Karo, one of the global Industry 4.0 leaders, talked about digitalization and sustainability activities in production facilities as well as products at its stand, and shared with its visitors that it reduced its carbon footprint in production by up to 60%.


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