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VitrA, which designs its products with human health in mind, relieves even the most demanding cleaners with the new generation urinals, self-cleaning tiles, photocell faucets and toilet bowls in the hygiene series developed in its innovation center.

The cleaning and hygiene needs of the new normal life after the pandemic have also been the focal point for VitrA, which designs its products with human health in mind. New generation urinals, one of the products developed in the innovation center, offer a hygienic and economical alternative for common areas. Photocell urinals, which are compatible with every place with their universal designs, can be used without touching. Urinals with VitrAfresh feature clean by mixing the cleaner in the detergent reservoir integrated into their body into the washing water at each use. With its non-channel interior design, it ensures that the water reaches every point in the reservoir, while leaving no space for bacteria to hide.

Another product of VitrA hygiene series is self-cleaning wall tiles thanks to its special surface coating. Tiles coated with VitrA Shield, an advanced nanotechnology surface application that benefits from light and moisture in the environment, gain photocatalytic properties and clean their own surfaces. VitrA Shield, which increases the quality of the air with its photocatalytic feature; it can be used in many places from kitchens to balconies and washing areas, from toilets to nurseries, shopping malls and warehouses. It reduces bad odors such as nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide and exhaust smoke outdoors, and sweat and cigarette smoke indoors.

Photocell intermediate faucet of VitrA, which is one of the photocell products whose demand has increased especially during the pandemic period, provides maximum hygiene in the bathroom. Photocell faucet integrated into Frame wall-hung WC's body, not on the wall, is controlled without human touch. Frame wall-hung toilet is offered with VitrA Clean, which prevents dirt from the surfaces, VitrA Hygiene, which prevents bacterial growth, and VitrA Rim-ex technologies, which leave no room for dirt with its channelless inner chamber.


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