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Turkey's largest trade fair UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair was held under the shadow of the epidemic Covid-19. 62 thousand people visited the fair, where more than 100 thousand visitors were expected. However, most of the exhibitors were satisfied with the fair visitors and established new business connections.

UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair is a fair closely followed by the world ceramic industry . It has been growing every year for 30 years; the number of exhibitors and visitors, their area, and the products on display are increasing. It is Turkey’s largest trade fair, the second in the world in the field. Last year was a record year for UNICERA; there was a serious increase in both the area it occupied and the number of visitors. Especially in the number of foreign visitors, the target was exceeded and it hosted a total of 91,500 people with close to 20 thousand foreign visitors from 130 countries. This year's target was 100 thousand visitors. Shortly before starting Covid-19 outbreak in China, demands on ceramics began to shift to Europe and Turkey and it was supposed to be more pronounced in UNICERA. The Turkish ceramic industry, which is the 11th largest supplier of the world ceramic market, reaching a size of 60 billion dollars, was expected to sail to new markets.

When UNICERA opened its doors, Pandemic was just at the door

When the fair started yet unprecedented held March 10-14 corona virus cases in Turkey. However, as soon as the World Health Organization explained, the epidemic turned into a pandemic and affected the whole world. UNICERA, held at the CNR Expo Istanbul Fair Center, was opened under the shadow of the Covid-19 outbreak. The opening of the fair which organized by Turkish Ceramics Federation (TSF) and Building Materials Association (TIMDER) and supported by KOSGEB, realized with the participation of Treasury and Finance Deputy Minister Dr. Nureddin Nebati. He stated that they were satisfied with the fair because of continued rapidly despite the worldwide epidemic of corona virus. And he said that although the problems experiended last year, 1.7 billion dollars of current surplus was realized and they applauded the ceramic industry which contributed to this success.

Speaking at the opening, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Gülle congratulated the representatives of the sector in our country because they stand behind such organizations while the fairs are being canceling in many countries. He emphasized that the ceramic industry is among the top five sectors that increased its exports this year.

The most innovative products of over 1,200 brands were exhibited in the fair, which was established on an area of ​​100 thousand square meters. Kitchen Turkey special section was held within the scope of the fair where exporters and leading brands of the ceramic and building industry came together. In this special section of the fair, which brings together the most valuable brands of the world under one roof, all kitchen products from A to Z were exhibited. In addition, award-winning designers took part as speakers in the Design Next program organized within the scope of the fair. New trends in the field of ceramics, bathrooms and kitchens and the future of the industry were discussed.

New radevu was on 2-6 November 2021

62.269 people visited UNICERA where more than 100 thousand visitors were expected this year. 13.435 of them were foreigners. Despite this, 89.4 percent of the participants stated that they were satisfied with the fair visitors and 77.8 percent of them established new business connections. The top 20 countries with the highest number of visitors were Libya, Kosovo, Algeria, UAE, Morocco, Macedonia, France, Serbia, Jordan, Germany, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Tunisia.

UNICERA, in which the epidemic of Covid-19 was tangent in 2020, will be held in 2021 between 2-6 November.


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