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UNICERA International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair, Turkey's fair with the highest brand value, will continue on its way within the body of an international fair organization company established by the Turkish Ceramics Federation. The fair will be held on 07-11 November 2002 at the Istanbul Expo Center.

Turkey’s largest specialized fair UNICERA International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair is getting ready to bring the industry together at Istanbul Expo Center between 07-11 November 2022. It is aimed that a total of 125 thousand buyers, 30 thousand of whom are foreigners, from 130 different countries, will participate in the fair, where more than 1200 brands will take place. The fair will continue to operate within the UNICERA Uluslararası Fuarcılık A.Ş. (International Fair Inc.) which was founded by the Turkish Ceramics Federation. Its organization is carried out by TG Expo International Fair Organization, which stands out in international fairs.

“Our duty is to make UNICERA the number one in the world”

UNICERA Uluslararası Fuarcılık A.Ş. General Coordinator Aydın Eşer explain the innovations regarding the organization of the fair as follows: “We are working hard to move our fair, which is one of the few ceramic fairs in the world and plays an important role in earning foreign currency to our country, to better points. We needed some innovations to improve our fair, which has come of age all over the world and has become the favorite of foreign buyers. With the new formation, we started to handle all the processes of the fair within our own organization. Being able to intervene with a central management strengthened our dominance in the fair and increased our ability to act in solving existing problems. We signed a new agreement with TG Expo, which dominates the global market and knows our target markets. This cooperation will have positive benefits for our fair and our industry. Our fair is the second largest fair in the world in its field, and from this point on, our duty is to make UNICERA the number one sector fair in the world. Although it does not seem difficult for us to reach this goal today, when our country has come a long way in becoming a production base, it is obvious that we have a grueling and intensely competitive road ahead of us.”

Emphasizing that the preparations for the UNICERA Fair, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center in November, are continuing at full speed; “As soon as we decided to continue with TG Expo International Fair, which we believe is the closest to our vision and will carry out our promotion in international markets in the most effective way, we started our sales. In addition to our companies that participate every year, our sector companies, which were affected by the echoes of last year's fair and especially want to take their place in the global market, started to take their place. In order to utilize our fair area in the most efficient way, we have reconsidered our layout and introduced innovations that we believe will please everyone. We think that these innovations will reflect positively on our fair and we will have a successful fair period with the new synergy created. In the current economic environment that affects the whole world, it is both more difficult and more important to make our fair effective. At the UNICERA Fair, which we are used to commemorating with records, we believe that we will set new records, especially in the number of foreign visitors, with the effect of the new approach we have developed. Our producers have shown their strength and quality to the whole world, all that our domestic producers need is to meet with potential buyers, who have created a unique business by offering the good product with the right price policy. At this point, we are trying to respond to the need by continuing the right promotional activities effectively” said.


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