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Ceramic Art Education and Change Association gathered the member artists of the association in the days of pandemic and organized an online international exhibition titled “Uncertain Times and After”. The exhibition reveals how the uncertain environment of the pandemic reflects on the productions of ceramicists.

Ceramic Art Education and Change Association’s (SSDEE) Chairman of Board of Directors Prof. Zehra Cobanli and Board of Directors gathered the members artists together and organized an online international exhibition in the days of pandemic. Carried out by the contributions of Sille Art Palace, the exhibition will be open until 6th August 2021. The opening of the exhibition again made online with participations of artists. In the opening ceremony, Cobanli underlined that the exhibition is organized for the purpose of holding on tight to life, raising our hopes, being one with the healing power of art and giving meaning to life.

Zehra Cobanli has mentioned about the effects of the pandemic on artists and said: “2020 was an unforgettable year in human history. Especially the pandemic blockading all the people around the world, has brought along many limitations and deprivations in our living spaces and life. This period has changed all our vital goals, perceptions, approaches and most importantly our hopes and expectations ahead. We have difficulty to describe and make sense of this period and apart from other individuals and areas of the society, it’s a matter of curiosity how this will reflect on the practices of artists and what art will transform into in an environment like this. Without doubt, we have witnessed artists coming out of these chaotic times like this pandemic by giving meaning to life and accepting it with their works.”

Cobanli has also conveyed the goals of the Ceramic Art Education and Change Association organizing this exhibition: “It was founded as a national association in Eskisehir in 2013. Our association aims to develop and improve ceramic art and education on behalf of the country, carry out technical, aesthetical and cultural works, support those being carried out and thus, nationally and internationally promote artistic and scientific competition opportunities and also purposes to contribute on ceramic education and art field through organizing national and international exhibitions, conferences, competitions for students and similar events”.

With 56 artists attended from 17 countries; Elif Aydogdu Agatekin, Mustafa Agatekin, Melahat Altundag, Beril Anilanmert, Perihan San Aslan, Sarra Ben Attia, Pinar Baklan, Hasan Baskiran, Katharina Bottcher, Alejandrina Cappadoro, Antonella Cimatti, Emre Can, Ayse Canbolat, Simcha Even Chen, Ray Chen, Nurtac Cakar, Sevim Cizer, Zehra Cobanli, Vinod Daroz, Tuba Onder Demircioglu, Senem Aker Ensari, Serap Erdogan, Henry Eric Hermandez, Rolando Giovannini, Omer Gorkem, Ayse Guler, Gungor Guner, Candan Gungor, Duygu Kahraman, Ece Kaniskan, Burcu Ozturk Karabey, Betul Karakaya, Aygun Dincer Kirca, Sirin Kocak, Leyla Kubat, Marc Leuthold, Nabahat Lotia, Gabriela Luptakova, Alexander Livovich, Xavier Monsalvatje, Michael Moore, Emel Mulayim, Dilek Alkan Ozdemir, N. Lerzan Ozer, Serkan Ozer, Angeliki Papadopoulou, Kamuran Ozlem Sarnic, Shampa Shah, Kemal Tizgol, Deveshh Upadhyay, Mustafa Ural, Vilma Villaverde, Saravut Vongnate, Velimir Vukicevic, Ersoy Yilmaz, Seyhan Yilmaz have taken their places with their works.

Exhibition can be watched via https://sergi.sillesanat. com/ until 6th August 2021.


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