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Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan exhibited his latest works under the title "Loyalty" at the Ataturk Cultural Center within the scope of the Ege University International 10th EgeArt Days.


In Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan’s exhibition titled "Loyalty", human portraits produced in large numbers, each with different expressions, were presented as wall arrangements and three-dimensional works. The production of these works was quite remarkable from a technical point of view. The technique used in the production of the works was based on the principle of taking molds of the many parts that make up each work, one by one, and then reconstructing them to create the form. No glazed were used in the works, and the aim was to focus the viewer on the form and expression.

Tuzum Kizilcan explains the main theme of the exhibition as follows: “In this exhibition, you see the shamelesses. There is a general character in all these cheeky people. There is a feeling of being suppressed and pressed. Sharp corners like pressed cars... Subconsciously I wanted to take you there. These are the works I made with porcelain. Porcelain has this feature: There is a light coming from it. There is a light coming from within a person, outside of his physical appearance. That's why I tried to express it with porcelain and the name of my work is 'shameless'. The people I see around me are people who have lost their emotions, are disrespectful, incompetent, unconscious, squeezed, pressed, and only material values ​​come to the fore... I also used gold as material value. There is gold in all of them; in the eyes of some, I have placed it in the mouth of those who eat too much. I made it square and plate-shaped to give it a pressed feel.”


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