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Kaleseramik which has introduced many innovative products to the ceramics industry, has achieved another revolutionary innovation in kitchen countertops. Using the features of Kalesinterflex, the world's first and only largest porcelain tile produced in Turkey, T-One Porcelain Countertop exceeds the limits in kitchens with its new size and thickness options.

Born from Kalesinterflex, the world's first and only largest porcelain tile produced in Turkiye, T-One Porcelain Countertop eliminates the boundaries in kitchens with its new size of 162x323 cm and 12 mm-20 mm thickness options. Turkiye's first porcelain countertop T-One, which is the combination of innovation, aesthetics, advanced technology and performance, stands out with its durable and aesthetic surface that is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and unaffected by extreme heat and cold. With these features, the product has become the choice of Turkiye's Michelin star restaurant chefs.

T-One Porcelain Countertop, which has 7 different production technologies including Decotech, Bodytech, Flowtech, Glowtech, Formtech, V-Intech, Openbook and consists of typologies such as marble, stone, cement, metal and solid colors, offers hundreds of product alternatives as well as the option to personalize the design. 

Decotech which stands out by applying special materials to surfaces and distinguishing it from plain printed products, is called 'Technology of Art'. A special method used in Bodytech, the 'Technology of Continuity', which consists of finely ground masse mixtures containing homogeneous stone texture and different color tones on the surface of the products, carries the visual effect on the surface of the product into the product. Flowtech, the 'Technology of Infinity' used as pattern tracking technology, ensures the continuity of the pattern between the panels of marble-looking products. 'Touch Technology' Formtech gives surfaces an embossed and rough touch. With V-Intech, the 'Technology of Naturalness' that brings the homogeneous stone texture to marble, mass mixtures of different colors are integrated into the product in accordance with the product pattern.

'Symmetry Technology' Openbook, used as Reciprocal Pattern Technology, enables one module to create a unique pattern by coming face to face with another module, especially in marble-looking products. With Glowtech, used as 'Metallic Glow Technology', an aesthetic and elegant shine is achieved in spaces.


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