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Turkish companies showed themselves at Cersaie, the world's largest ceramic fair with more than 600 participants, which was held for the 40th time this year in Bologna, Italy, between 25-29 September. Major manufacturers such as Kale Seramik, VitrA, Ege Seramik, Seramiksan introduced their new collections.


Participating in the Cersaie Fair for the 19th time, VitrA's stand, designed with inspiration from art galleries, attracted attention with the freedom space provided by tiles of different colors and sizes, the use of innovative materials in porcelain and the renewed color palette.

VitrA, which has been at Cersaie since 2003, introduced its new tiles, 120x120 cm in size, glossy porcelain (FLPR) surface option, and featuring technological applications, at its fair stand. At the stand, which was designed with inspiration from art galleries, the Color2.0, Cemental and Marmo Nuovo series, which stand out with the use of innovative materials in porcelain, as well as the renewed color palette, attracted attention. 2x2 cm sized tiles designed for outdoor spaces were also presented at the fair.

At the Cersaie stand, prepared with the theme "Freedom of Choice", visitors experienced the rich product range in different textures and sizes and collections that harmonized with each other with a mix-and-match approach. New product launches were also made in accordance with the BIM Object platform, which serves as a global marketplace in the field of building information modeling and contributes to a sustainable future by digitizing the building industry.


Kaleseramik, Turkey's leading ceramic tile manufacturer, took part in the Cersaie Fair, where the heart of the international ceramics industry beats, with its innovative brand Kalesinterflex as well as its newest products and collections. A sustainability and Mediterranean themed stand was designed by Italian architect Paolo Cesaretti, and for the first time, the message "Take Care of Your World" was given to visitors with the AR (Augmented Reality) application at the stand.

At this fair, where 630 participating companies from all over the world brought together the latest trends in architectural space design with visitors, Kaleseramik again made a difference with its products and collections and its inspiring special stand.

At the fair, Kaleseramik introduced the participants for the first time to the porcelain plaques in 6, 12, 20 mm thicknesses and its largest new size of 160x320 cm, which it started to produce on the 3rd Kalesinterflex Production Line, which was put into service this year. The newest products and collections of Canakkale Seramik, Kalebodur, Kale Banyo and T-One, mainly Kalesinterflex products, met with the participants at the 400 square meter stand.

In addition, with the AR (Augmented Reality) application used for the first time at the stand designed by Paolo Cesaretti using Kalesinterflex, Kaleseramik once again emphasized the message of 'Take Care of Your World' and provided an inspiring experience for the visitors. SERAMIKSAN FOCUSED ON SUSTAINABILITY

Seramiksan, one of the companies representing our country by carrying the power and potential of the Turkish ceramic industry to Italy, exhibited its newest tile and sanitary ware products with its sustainability-focused concept at Cersaie.

Sureyya Caglar, Director of Seramiksan, which produces with the principle of 0 percent waste product, 0 percent waste water, stated that their innovative identity came to the fore at the fair and that they exhibited the latest technology and design-oriented tile and sanitary ware products designed for the changing needs of end consumers and architects, and said: "We created for Cersaie in our collection, unique patterns that offer both visual and textural richness with the combination of different textures, and floral motifs that add an artistic atmosphere to spaces with a handmade feel, stand out. We have created a collection enriched with geometric patterns and relief textures for dynamic and modern interior decorations.”

The company exhibited the Hill wall-hung toilet with Seramiksan Vortex flushing system, developed by its R&D and design teams in the light of the latest technological developments, at the Cersaie fair for the first time. Vortex provides deep cleaning by moving the water in a circular motion in the toilet bowl, while preventing bacteria from coming into contact with the toilet seat by reducing splashing. Thus, it washes more powerfully and silently with less water.

Seramiksan, which also presented large-sized tile series that offer uninterrupted design opportunities at the fair, exhibited new products with marble and natural stone appearance that correspond to the trends of recent years in decoration. Lecce, the brand that brings the beauties of nature to durable surfaces with modern printing techniques, offers a peaceful and warm atmosphere to spaces with its natural stone appearance and matte surface, presented its Shell series for the first time at Cersaie, with brush strokes on its surface and elegant reliefs that make you feel depth in its design. In addition to Palermo, which was designed with inspiration from Pietra marble and has a natural color palette, the Star White series, which has whiteness in its name, which is the symbol of cleanliness, also attracted attention at the fair. The Travertine and Keops series were examined with interest by the visitors.


Ege Seramik, one of Turkey's leading ceramic manufacturers, which was founded in 1972 on September 9, the liberation day of Izmir, celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The company, which has been participating in the Cersaie fair since 2010, exhibited its new products for the first time in Italy this year. The 2023 Autumn Collection attracted great attention at the fair, where İbrahim Fikret Polat, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ege Seramik, which celebrated its 50th anniversary with the slogan "The Address of Fashion for 50 Years", also attended.

While the company hosted visitors at Cersaie's stand numbered A56-B51 in Hall 16, it also made it possible to visit the fair stand online with a 360-degree virtual tour. This year's Cersaie fair was added to the 360-degree virtual tour application of all the fairs they attended at home and abroad. Thus, even those who could not go to the fair had the chance to follow all the new ceramic products and innovations closely. Ege Seramik's rich tile collection appealing to all tastes, such as Antique, Aura, Plain, Moon, Greyport, Sapphire, was watched with interest by the fair visitors.


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