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The Kahramanmaras-centered earthquake that occurred on February 6 and caused great destruction in 11 cities was reflected in the works of Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department students. The works of the young artist candidates were exhibited in an exhibition titled “Life Corridor-Migration” at ArtAnkara Fair.


The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that occurred as early as 04:17 on February 6, 2023 in the Southeast of Turkey and the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that followed at 13:24 caused the loss of many of our people. We can characterize earthquake zones as unlucky regions in the world and in Turkey. However, it is in our hands to make these regions livable in the light of science. For example, although Japan is one of the countries that experienced earthquakes most frequently and violently, the loss of people is very low. The reason for this is that the structures are built in accordance with earthquake conditions. We, as a country, need to plan forward-looking urbanization only by leaving it in the hands of experts, without forgetting the pain we have experienced as a country. Otherwise, it is inevitable that migrations will start from these earthquake zones.

Sinem Karakaya Aysenur Yasar Goksu Guvendik Gamze Nur Karakose

Migration occurs at the end of all kinds of disasters such as earthquakes and wars in the world. This is like a cause-effect relationship. The tunnel of life created by our miners from Zonguldak with the technique they call "pigpen" allows our people to pass to the safe area. We can draw analogies to the route taken for migration; however, the tunnel of life created with the pigpen technique is the only way to connect with life and a savior is needed. In migration, on the other hand, people establish their connection with life as they wish, according to their preferences. Thanks to the many Turkish and foreign rescue teams that make up the tunnel of life, we first experienced miracle hours and then miracle days. We are grateful to all of them on behalf of humanity.

Rabia Ekinci Aleyna Yilmaz Gamze Cigeroglu

The chaos created by this drama we live in; we discussed it with a group of students from Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department by brainstorming. The “tunnel of life” of us artists and art students is the bond we establish with art. In this exhibition, the works produced by our students with different thoughts on the same theme were displayed.

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