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Kale Group had three joys at once this year in the traditional Ceramic Festival. In the day where the company is celebrating its 66th foundation anniversary, the group's first company Kaleseramik went public with the goal to grow with new investments. In addition, the opening of the Porcelain Tile facility is held of which the foundation laid last year.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey Speaker Numan Kurtulmus and the Ministry of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacir also attended the Ceramic Festival where Kale Group is celebrating its 66th foundation anniversary. In the ceremony, it has been emphasized that the group's new investment route is plotted with a holistic approach which includes human, business processes and technology factors and introduce also the shareholders in the ecosystem.

Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay began her speech by mentioning their pride they take in being a friend in journey and destiny for the 66 years of the 100 year history of Republic of Türkiye. Zeynep Bodur Okyay said “We are pulling out all the stops to carry the century old and noble tradition and light of the Republic to the future. As an industrialist, we are focusing on changing our country's and people's fate with the factories we found, technologies we develop and the employment opportunity we created for tens of thousands of individuals to date. As an exporter, we gain an important income to the Turkish economy while we are keeping the Türkiye flag flying even in the most distant regions. As a social influence investor, we progress under the guide of the Republic's founding values in education, culture, art, in short in every area we touch. We protect every inch of land, every drop of water and every person of our country by saying 'Take Care of Your World'. Just like how it was up to the present, we will gain ground with determination in future too by saying 'Hometown in our mind, future at our hearts'”.

Zeynep Bodur Okyay underlined that Kale Group preserves its enthusiasm to grow and invest and spoke as follows “Our strategic target is; to further grow our Group with export-oriented growth, digital transformation, sustainability, innovation and ventures intended for new areas of business with added value. In this year, we are aiming to increase our export by 40 percent and turnover by about 20 percent in dollars in proportion to the previous year. To support our growth, we will make a total of 300 million investment in 2023-2025 period with 100 millions of it being in 2023”.

Live connection to Borsa Istanbul for the Kaleseramik opening bell ceremony

Another proud moment for Kaleseramik in the Ceramic Festival was the opening bell rang in Borsa Istanbul for the presentation of Kaleseramik's going public. The Protocol and the Kale Group Management attended the opening bell ceremony with live connection from Can, and they lived the excitement and joy of this moment all together. Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay remarked that Kaleseramik has showed a performance that quadrupled for the last three years and said “In order to further consolidate its strong position and performance in the global market, we planned an investment of over 50 million dollars this year for Kaleseramik. with new investments, we will ensure the enlargement of segment and product range along with capacity increase. Today, we took a very important step for Kaleseramik's journey to assertive global goals. We will direct the half of our public listing income to the still-continuing Slab-Sinterflex investment, 15 percent of it to the sustainability investments and 6 percent of it to the overseas investments”.

70 percent of Porcelain Tile manufacture will be exported

Actualizing an investment or giving the good news of an investment every 27th June, the Kale Group crowned the 66th year with a significant investment too. Being decided to be invested in line with the changing customer demands in the Global and Turkish ceramic coating sector and being laid the foundation of in the Ceramic Festival last year, the Porcelain Tile manufacturing plant is opened. Granites with 6, 12 and 20 millimeters thickness and 160x320 dimensions will be manufactured in the plant with a total capacity of 3,5 million square meters. With the plant taken into service, an additional employment of 70 people is created at the first stage and it's noted that 70 percent of the products manufactured here will be exported. Zeynep Bodur Okyay said “This manufacturing plant will make a difference in our sector and one of the aspects of it that is very important and valuable to us, is being a symbol of our progress we made towards realizing zero-waste and low energy use through digitalization. With this production line, we ensure 42 percent less carbon emission compared to standard productions and recycling of used materials with technologies such as recover; and we continue support the 'Take Care of Your World' motto with new investments".


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