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The “Traces From The Ground Zero Gobeklitepe” exhibition of Gynaika group that came together in the Zehra Cobanli Art Center pursuant to the “Life-Long Learning” principle, has met with the art lovers on last October in Harran University Fine Arts Faculty.


The “Traces From The Ground Zero Gobeklitepe” exhibition held between 19th -22nd October 2022, has an interesting start-off. Gynaika group has come together pursuant to the “Life-Long Learning” principle in Prof. Dr. Zehra Cobanli’s art center in Eskisehir and is working together since 2016. The group is consisted of volunteers of art who transform and crown their careers of various fields with the journey of ceramics they go on with tenacity and find an opportunity to express themselves. And the strongest indicative of their gathering in a common point is their fortune to be able to work with one of the important agents of modern ceramic art Zehra Cobanli. The ceramic works of the community are measured with the eye of an architect, analytical with the eye of an engineer and are mixed with the expertise, perspective and experience in diverse areas with the excitement of being a teacher.

The groups is consisted of eight women, Dilek Ercal, Elif Damlarca, Filiz Agilonu, Ilkiz Colak, Muge Bayer, Nihan Perkgoz, Nurhan Kiyik and Zeynep Solener and their name is based on mythology, Gynaika [woman]. Coming together under this name that evokes the basic concepts of existence “Mother and Earth”, the group’s individual works also take place from time to time in the group exhibitions organized at home and abroad.

Nurhan Kıyık Dilek Ercal Filiz Agilonu Zeynep Kurtulus

The exhibition titled the “Traces From The Ground Zero Gobeklitepe” is opened with the participation of Harran University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sabri Celik and Deputy Dean of Fine Arts Faculty Prof. Dr. Serife Yalcin. Along with the works specific to Gobeklitepe including relief wallboards, under-glaze patterned wall plates, three dimensional objects and vases, works inspired from the cradle of civilizations Anatolia has also taken place in the exhibition.

Gynaika’s artists about the exhibition said, “The most important factor that motivated us is the ceramic art’s historical synergy with and permanence in humanity. Both the interaction and the exhibition experience in university and the archeological site visits; has made us remember the vast number of in estimable values which will steer the history like Seven Hills and Harran in Urfa. For everyone else, we feel it on our shoulders as a responsibility to reveal these values in our homeland, announce them to the whole world and of course protect them and we are preparing for new projects.”


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