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ModePaper, one of VitrA’s newest tile series with Red Dot award, is designed with inspiration from the forms of Classic Roman, decorative Moroccan and Mediaeval arches. The series is launched in UNICERA 2022 and is reflecting a modern interpretation of these forms to the walls.

Granted with the prestigious international design award Red Dot, ModePaper combines the colorful, patterned and thin form of wallpapers with the durability of tiles and brings it to the living spaces. The series is developed by inspiration from VitrA’s innovational mode tile system and reflects the harmonious synergy of aesthetical forms and geometry. It brings 4 patterns of different textures together with the 4 main concepts of mode tile systems and allows for unique laying options with various geometries it inholds.

VitrA’s ModePaper tile series is comprised of the relaxing and refreshing moss grey, warm and sincere clay beige, vivifying and excitative terra rosa and solid and durable natural stone grey of matte surface, big sized tiles in different tones. The series also includes 7,5x30 cm sized glossy tiles as lava red, emerald green, sapphire blue and amber yellow which makes it include decors and backgrounds that are harmonious with VitrA’s all tile systems. Having also 2,5x15 cm tatami and 2,5x2,5 cm mosaic tiles, ModePaper also draws attention with its’ joints in hues adoptable with series’s light colors.


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