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ECerS XVII, ICC9 and Electroceramics XVIII conferences will be held simultaneously in Krakow, Poland between 10-14 July under the title of “Ceramics in Europe 2022”. This wonderful and ancient city with a deep-rooted university and scientific tradition will be a productive meeting place for those working in the field of ceramics.

With the agreement and international cooperation between the European Ceramics Association, the International Ceramics Federation and the International Electroceramics Committee, it was decided to combine the three major conferences into one main conference. ECerS XVII, ICC9 and Electroceramics XVIII will be held simultaneously in Krakow, Poland, from 10-14 July 2022. A single registration fee will provide access to all three conferences held under the joint title Ceramic 2022 in Europe. In the International Advisory Board of the conference, TUBITAK President from Turkey Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal and Prof. from Eskişehir Technical University. Dr. Alpagut Kara is located.

Symposium topics are as follows:

- Synthesis of powders

- Ceramic processing (including innovative processes, manufacturing, HT processes, sintering)

- Modeling, simulation, characterization and digitization of materials and processes (including quality assessment/process diagnosis for non-destructive testing)

- Structural ceramics / Ceramic coatings / Porous ceramics

- Functional ceramics (Dielectrics, Antiferroelectrics, Ion Conductors, Electronics, Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics,

Multiferroics, Magnetics, Electrocalorics, Thermistors, Thermoelectrics)

- Electronic Ceramics (Batteries; SOFC)

- Ceramics / Membranes for energy and environmental technology

- Ceramics and glasses for healthcare, Bioceramics and Optical ceramics, Bio-Electroceramics

- HT materials / Refractory / Composites

- Silicate/ Traditional ceramics, Art + Design


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