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The group exhibition titled “Together” opened at Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center Füreya Koral Hall in Ankara brought ceramic and glass artists together with a sense of social responsibility.

The artists exhibited their small sized mural works in the exhibition. All academicians teaching at the departments of ceramics and glass throughout the country were invited to the exhibition.

The proceeds from the exhibition were intended to be utilized as “food scholarship” for 76 ceramic and glass students studying at the related departments of the educational institutions which all the participating academicians were affiliated with.

The students who were in need urgently would qualify for the scholarship. The organizer of the exhibition, head of the Department of Ceramics at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. T. Emre Feyzoğlu had also prioritized the social responsibility awareness in the “Give Voice to Earth” and “60 Macsabal for 60 Years” exhibitions. As for this “Together” exhibition, he brought together 216 academicians from 53 universities and vocational schools and 16 guests of honor across the country.

The exhibition was an art gathering where institutions providing education in this field met. It also provided audience to purchase artist-signed works under considerably favorable conditions.

A dance performance titled “Earth” was also staged by Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Göldere from Hacettepe University Conservatory Ballet Department and Deniz Alp, Ankara State Opera and Ballet Artist. Sadi Diren, Hamiye Çolakoğlu, Ünal Cimit, Mustafa Tunçalp, Güngör Güner, Ferhan Taylan Erder, Saime Çelik Kurşunoğlu, Erdinç Bakla, Beril Anılanmert, Sevim Çizer, Mehmet Tüzüm Kızılcan, Ayşegül Türedi Özen, Yüksel Boz Öcal, Naile Cimit, Tülin Ayta ve Zehra Çobanlı attended the exhibition as guests of honor.


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