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The biggest of USA and one of few important ceramic fairs of the world, Coverings brings the global buyers and sellers together. With its' innovational products bringing technology and design together, Kaleseramik was the center of interest In the Coverings organized in Orlando in July.

The 5th biggest of Europe and the 15th biggest of the world in ceramic industry, Kaleseramik attended the Coverings 2021 which's deemed the most important specialized fair specific to the USA market. In the Coverings Fair bringing the global buyers and sellers together in Orlando in 7th-9th July, Kaleseramik shed a light to the future of ceramics with its' inspirational eco-friendly, innovational products and designs.

Introducing the innovational products of its' pacesetter brands Kalebodur, Canakkale Ceramics, Edilcuoghi, Edilgres and a new brand T-One by Kale born of Kalesinterflex to the global market, Kaleseramik drew great attention from consumers and professionals with its' products and designs re-shaping the living spaces. T-One by Kale products displayed for the first time in the Kaleseramik stand introducing the alternative examples of use of ceramic, received a great appreciation of the visitors. The Concretum series which's a unique rendition of cement topology; the wide ranged collections of the thinnest, biggest-sized and elastical tile of Turkey Kalesinterflex; the new collection Miniatile designed for small-sized minimalist designs; and the innovative designs of Edilcuoghi and Edilgres brands which reflects the Italian touch, also attracted great attention.

Kaleseramik General Director Altug Akbas said “A result of the importance we give and investments we make to R&D, our eco-friendly and sustainable innovation products are once again drawing great attention from consumers and professionals from all over the world. The Coverings Fair where global ceramic manufacturers show up with their new products, has been one of those effective organizations we clearly observe this attention. So we took part in the Coverings 2021, one of the most important meeting points of the international ceramic industry, with our most innovational products representing our sense of quality and unique design. Our products presenting the last word in ceramics, gained great interest from the visitors. As Kaleseramik, we will continue touching the genetics of ceramic and; continue to design the future and shed a light to the future of architecture.”

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