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VitrA groups the colors in all of its' tile series in warm and cold tones and offers the possibility of creating different countless combinations. This way, both warm and cold tones and different series can be used in harmony with each other. Designed with the same approach, the ColorCode tile system combines different material textures within the same color family. Enriched with material variety and allowing for creating different tones of the same color, the monochromatic series brings a minimalist and charming simplicity to spaces.

Offering a dynamic and functional design opportunity and freeing up the architects and designers, the ColorCode system is comprised of; the Urban Travertino, Ceppostone, Urbancrete, Scale, Urbanwood, Metalcrete tile collections. ColorCode combines the urbanistic character of the concrete, the elegance of the wooden elements, the spirit of the stones coming to life with gravels and linear lines and the ever-young beauty of the ceramic with a unique harmony. And the shiny metal contributes this approach with its' accent.

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