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The aspiration for nature uplifted in pandemic, has turned into decoration trends and got into the houses. While the blue, white, green and brown colors coming from the nature are mostly preferred in home decoration, the bathrooms gain energy with vivid colors.

Those coming together with the nature after spending their time in their hoses for two years in pandemic, started to carry the colors and patterns of the nature into their houses. A research made in USA studied the impacts of home decoration on the well-being of individuals. The research is evaluated in company with social psychologists and according to the results the most favorite colors in home decoration of this year are the blue, white, green and brown coming from the nature and the all-time favorite black alongside with them. 84 percent of the participants who like to be near seaside preferred blue and those who like a village or farm environment are seen to prefer the white.

Having a wide product range for those who are willing to renew their houses in Turkey, the Seramiksan’s Marketing Manager Gorkem Helvacıoglu said: “People turning their face to the nature as a coincidence of the pandemic, is determinative in color and pattern preferences. As shown by the researches, colors and patterns from the nature are more prominent in home decoration. As Seramiksan, we address various tastes with our special tile series which we bring tropical or floral patterns onto the surfaces”.

Underlining that they offer different surface, color and size options for bathrooms of every type, Helvacıoglu spoke as: “Home owners’ tastes may vary. Therefore we give place to designs and colors suiting every taste in out collections. With Tropical and Integra tile series we offer floral patterns to those who are willing to bring a fresh look on surfaces particularly in the bathrooms, and offer the Bumpy series involving plain colors like blue, yellow, mustard, green and coral to those who are willing to carry the relaxing tones of the nature to their homes. This way, we bring all the colors and the patterns of the nature together with the surfaces. With the colorful Auro Series involving plain, fine and extraordinary designs and reflecting the summer months, we complement the design we created on surfaces with the sinks”.


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