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Intended to accompany its' users for many years with E.C.A. trust and quality, Purity Series brings a pure and plain touch to bathrooms with its' minimalist design. Product surfaces with Hygiene Plus feature does not gather dirt and allows for easy cleaning for bathrooms.

Developed intending ergonomic and effective use, E.C.A. Purity Series includes 2 sink fittings, 1 bathroom fittings, 2 kitchen sink fittings and 1 shower fittings of different design and features. Besides, there are also 6 built-in products offered in the series which allow for various combinations with different badge options and designs.

Being awarded by three of the most important design competitions of the world, A’Design Award, German Design Award and Iconic Awards, points up Purity's design value. 2017 A’Design Award-Silver awarded E.C.A. Purity Kitchen Sink Fittings; offers a functional use with its' features like water-saving, 360-degree rotatable outlet end. And its' Dual Flow Kitchen Sink Fittings allows an alternative mean operated with a separate control arm where filtered water can also be flowed out from the same fittings along with the standard water outlet.

Like in all E.C.A. fittings series, water-saving featured sink and kitchen sink fittings also gain economic benefit to users and help to protect our natural resources with thrifty water consumption.

Featuring Hygiene Plus applied in E.C.A. fittings for the first time in Turkey, the surface of Purity products does not gather dirt and allows for easy cleaning of bathrooms. You can get hygienic surfaces thanks to a cleaning that can be made only with water, soap and cotton cloth without using any chemicals on fittings surfaces.


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