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VitrA is bringing the looks which cannot be distinguished from nature such as wood, concrete, stone and marble with the surface Technologies it developed. Being environment and budget friendly, is the primary characteristic of these products that are durable for many years.

Making it possible to carry the wood, concrete, natural stone and marble look onto the tile surfaces one-to-one, the VitrA reaLook printing technology creates aspired areas without doing any harm to the nature. Thanks to this technology, tiles can be used for many years without losing their realistic texture even under the harshest conditions so offer a solution respecting nature and budget.

With VitrA reaLook printing technology, the most advanced printing facilities of the world are combined with VitrA’s outstanding design competency. The technology creates look on surfaces which cannot be distinguished from nature and comes to life in many tile collections. The CementMix collection of VitrA, bring the simplicity of concrete to the spaces with its’ look combining architectural depth, durability and simplicity. While Urban Travertine reflects the natural stone look to the surfaces, the MarmoMix is the preference of those who persist on marble. And VitrA’s Craft collection offers an alternative and sustainable solution to those who are infatuated with wood.

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