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The new products of the C-GLAZES DIGITAL series are materials for the production of water-based glazes, which have been designed to develop the maximum application potentials of these digital glazing technologies, ensuring at the same time a high reliability when used by customers.

With this aim in mind, R&D teams of Colorobbia have identified the specific requirements of each technology and have consequently created a family of products that allows both fullsurface applications and the creation of structures (reliefs) or decorations, with the possibility to combine different finishes on the same tile (e.g. matt / glossy). Such potentials, together with the possibility to synchronize structures with colour graphics with millimetre accuracy, allow to obtain a potentially infinite number of different tiles, as well as to duplicate with greater precision the natural surfaces (wood, stone, etc.).

Therefore, thanks to the combination of these technologies with C-GLAZES DIGITAL products, the digital revolution moves a step further and introduces the concept of “material richness”, which translates into the possibility of achieving a more evident and highlighted ceramic effect, if compared to the one achieved with the existing inkjet inks.

It is important to highlight that, in this development and innovation project, Colorobbia has remained faithful to its commitment towards the health and safety of people, and towards the environmental aspects associated with both the manufacturing process of C-GLAZES DIGITAL products and their use by customers, introducing recyclable packaging and using water as a cleaning agent. In this sense, the high water content of this series guarantees a significant reduction of emissions (VOC’s) during the firing process, if compared to the use of other digital products based on conventional solvents. The application know-how that Colorobbia is acquiring in this phase of industrial implementation, together with its wide range of basic products (frits, grits, agglomerates, etc.), allow it to offer its customers a high degree of differentiation, if compared to what can be currently found on the market. In fact, the C-GLAZES DIGITAL series allows maximum freedom in the customization of compositions, with the aim to respond to the needs of every design and customer. Of course, a development and innovation project like this would not have been possible without the close collaboration that Colorobbia has with the main players that operate in the field of technologies and equipment for the ceramic industry, as well as with its customers.


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