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Distinguished Readers,

UNICERA Fair has left its 32nd year behind. I think we agree that Unicera has made a great contribution to the ceramic industry for becoming a player that has gained a strong place for itself since the years when the ceramic industry opened up to international markets.

Also this year, UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair, which is closely followed by the world ceramic industry, brought the ceramic industry together under one roof between 10 - 14 March 2020. Despite the negative process, 62 thousand local and foreign participants visited the fair in 5 days, where innovative products of more than 1,200 brands were introduced. Establishing important business connections in terms of the development of our industry, ensuring targeted visitor participation, formation of purchasing delegations and the happiness of seeing that our visitors leave the organization are a great source of motivation these days when 2021 Unicera Fair is being discussed.

Covid 19 Pandemic has created a world order called the "new normal" that we will reorient our way of doing business in the world, in our country and in our industry. Believing that each challenge has opportunities in itself, we continue to work with our industry associations and federation to make it an important and powerful part of the world supply chain, which is reshaped with the production structure, geographical advantage and human resources of our sector.

On 12/05/2020 the 7th Ceramic Sector Meeting was held online for the first time and there was a record participation with approximately 170 people from the sector, consisting of company and institution representatives. In this period, which requires cooperation and collaboration more than ever, “Ceramic Industry Meetings”, which are held with the intense participation of all stakeholders of the ceramics industry, will continue to follow the developments in the sector in the upcoming period.

Efforts are underway to strengthen and develop the brand perception of Turkish ceramics, and to create an export strategy and roadmap in world trade, which has evolved from a single-centered to a multi-centered one after the global pandemic. The main starting point in the creation of this strategy is to increase the market share, unit price, brand awareness and therefore total exports of Turkish ceramics, and to determine what can be done with companies and Turkishceramics.

In these days, when our strategies and business plans are reshaped, if we can prove to the world that we are a quality, competitive and reliable manufacturer, our country can turn into a rising CERAMIC supply center in the 2020s. Our industry has found an important opportunity to become a more strategic and stronger player globally. We believe that we can turn this difficult period in our favor while continuing to compete with the countries that stand out both in our geography and in the world export market.

We think that we should be proactive, prepared and cautious in this process where economic difficulties are experienced simultaneously all over the world. After overcoming the process, we will be positioned at higher levels as a reliable industry in the international market. Both our geographical location, our production capacity and the quality of our products support this situation.

Hope to see you in the coming days when we will meet face to face with our stakeholders on healthy days and contribute to the development of our industry.


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