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Within the framework of the "Take Care Of Your World" movement initiated by Kale Group for a more equal, more fair and greener world, the group brand Kaleseramik is prioritizing the investment on impact oriented cyclical projects for a sustainable future.

Kale Group's eco-friendly and environment friendly products and practices preserving the natural resources, are shaping up in guide with the sustainable future vision. Kale Group's SmartHygiene technology, European Water Label certificate, Kaleguard Defence developed by Kalebodur brand against bacteria and viruses, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Health Product Declaration (HPD) certificates and products like Kalesinterflex with minimum gas, dust and CO2 emission and T-One taking the place of wood use, are the results of this vision.

Stating out that they consider working for a better world in all production processes as a basic orientation, Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap spoke as follows: “Climate crisis remains as the biggest problem of our era. According to the global risk report issued in 2020 by the World Economic Forum (WEF), when considered in terms of likelihood, it's obvious that the eight of the first 10 risks are related to environment and climate. Recycling studies are crucial also for the future of ceramic sector in our country which particularly makes production using great amounts of raw materials of the country. The projection of recycling on resource use confronts us as a contribution to preserving the natural water resources of our country especially in these days where water resources are becoming more and more the topic of the agenda.”

Yurdatap also indicated that they will be continuing to concentrate on practices which will reduce the costs such as sustainability actions, supply chain management and stock optimization as well as process improvements like innovation, raw material, material production and digitalization.

They rolled up the sleeves for Kusca Kestane Spring Water

Working to create an economically, socially and environmentally common value in every area they're active, Kale Group continues to protect the land of its' birth Canakkale for a sustainable future.

The water from the Mount Ağı 30 kilometers far, has been brought to the city in 1984 as a result of the several months of works of the volunteers gathered together to meet the drinking water needs of the region, and today it meets the drinking water need of Canakkale citizens with fountains at 72 different points. But because of the poor quality taps and unconscious consumption, the future of the fountains is at risk. With the joint project made with Mount Ağı Kusca Kestane Spring Water Protection and Improvement Association, Kale Group began to change the taps of all fountains with the saving-featured fittings of Kale Bath. With the project that will compensate the maintenance and fitting needs of the fountains, it's intended to protect the freshwater resource and carry it to the future which's under risk due to the unconscious consumption in recent years. As explained by the former president of the association Ramazan Demircan said:

“Mount Ağı water matters a lot for the people of Canakkale and a good part of the people provide their need for drinking water from here. But our water is under a big danger due to the unconscious consumption of water, poor quality taps and misuse of people. We say ‘Water is life’ but show no sensitivity in consuming. From those who come with 20-30 cans to fill to those who water their gardens for hours ... Water consumption is hitting the top especially with seasonal house vacationists coming at summer and it falls short for the people. Now God bless, Kale Group began to give support to this matter. I believe that the new taps they affixed will provide us a great contribution on water consumption.”


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