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Kaleseramik is granted for award with its' "Ceramic Tile with Recovery Content” project, in the "Waste Management" category in Sustainable Business awards 2021 organized for the 8th time by the Sustainability Academy.

In the Sustainable Business Awards organized by the Sustainability Academy and open to institutions that have works intended for sustainable business models in all industries; successful business models and projects which make significant impacts in social, economic and environmental issues, have been awarded.

Having several awards and certifications of national and international grades for the improvements it made and solutions it developed in production processes, Kaleseramik returned from the Sustainable Business Awards 2021 yet again with award. Grounding on source efficiency in all operational processes and continues to develop its' recovery works, Kaleseramik won an award in the "Waste Management" category with its' "Ceramic Tile with Recovery Content" project which it achieved an increase of more than 70%.

It ensures natural source saving

Within the context of the "Take Care Of Your World" philosophy, justifying that everybody has a responsibility for a fairer and greener world, Kaleseramik continues to encourage this mission with the investments it made on impact-oriented circular projects for a sustainable world.

Carrying out works alongside production, in many areas such as designing and development of innovative products to shape the industry, Kaleseramik reserves significant resources each year particularly for eco-sensitive and cost-reducing investments. Developing its' processes, products and services in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Kaleseramik creates solutions in line with the economic, environmental and social impacts, in order to meet the needs of today without consuming the resources of the future generation.

Carrying out its' works basing on resource efficiency in all of its2 operational processes, Kaleseramik also continues to develop its' material-focused recovery studies in its' production processes. As per innovation and sustainability principles; bringing many projects into life from preventing wastes to raw materials, final products to material and process improvements, Kaleseramik, as the outcomes of these studies, ensures natural source saving and reduces carbon footprint with the improvements it enables throughout the product's life-cycle.


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