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Supporting the creativity of architects with the products and technologies it develops, Kalebodur also tries to contribute to the architecture culture with various social responsibility projects. The company gave support to journalist Nilay Ornek's project called "Every Hope Seeks Partner" which she archives valuable buildings with a story by means of architecture.

Carried on for more than a year by journalist Nilay Ornek through Instagram and collected by her on since August 2021, the stories of the buildings are getting richer by the contributions and the testimonies of the visitors of the site and proceeding on to be an urban memory project. Contributing to the architecture culture, Kalebodur also became a supporter of this project.

Gaining an archival characteristic with the addition of a website, the project has been arisen from Ornek's curiosity to the history, past, architecture, people, old photographs and names of the cities and districts she visited. Began to seek after questions like “Where did the street names come from", "How a district looks in the past", Nilay Ornek stated that the project gets richer as she shared her findings in her social media account and thus with the contributions of people and architects whose childhood have passed in such buildings or who have a past with that building. Thanks to this dynamic, this project she named as “Every Hope Seeks Partner", has turned into a multi-branched collective archive which's fed both from written resources, relevant professionals and verbal history in a sense. In the website, it's possible to filter out the buildings according to the location, the period they're built, their architect or the notable names passed time in the building, view them on the map and find an answer to "what's around you". Having an archive that currently involves more than 150 buildings and expands every day, the project aims to archive not only the aesthetically remarkable and beautiful buildings but also all kinds of structures that left a mark and a trace in the urban memory.

With the responsibility of being a brand that's identified with ceramic tile and has a rooted history of more than half a century in Turkey; Kalebodur continues to create sustainable projects in different platforms including academic processes and as the main supporter of the Every Hope Seeks Partner project, will work for the archive to expand more and to reach to more people, especially to architects and architecture students both for beneficial and contributional purposes.

There are also other archive projects Kalebodur has supported to date regarding architecture culture and archiving. The supporter of Turkey's first digital architecture archive ARKIV founded by Arkitera since 2003. Together with Prof. Dr. Abdi Guzel, the pioneer of the "Architects Talk with Kalebodur" chat and panel series since 2013 with the goal of coming together with architects, sociologists, authors, journalists and thinkers and creating a discussion platform regarding the issues closely concerning the society and the architecture. And the sole supporter of the SALT Research Architecture and Design Archive that creates Turkey's 20th century by detailing.


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