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The leading company of the building materials industry, Kaleseramik and ISKUR joined forces for employment increase. With Canakkale ISKUR and Kaleseramik collaboration, there will be a job shadowing program to be organized for a total of 800 people in 2022.

Making over 600 recruitments in the Can district of Canakkale for the last 6-month period, the leading industrial enterprise of our country, Kaleseramik continues to support employment increase in the new year. With the job shadowing programs organized by the collaboration of Kaleseramik and Canakkale ISKUR, a total of 800 people will step into the ceramic industry with Ceramic Tile Vitrified Manufacturing Worker and Mechanical Maintenance Staff occupations. By the end of the trainings which will take 6 months, at least 50 percent of the participants will be employed by Kaleseramik and the trained applicants will be preferred primarily for the following recruitments.

Applicants will also take advantage of many side benefits during the trainings that will be held in the Kaleseramik factories in Can and Semedeli regions with bus services for the applicants departing from Bayramic and Biga. The training program will be organized with 3 shift plans for a maximum of 8 hours a day and in a way to not to exceed 6 days and 45 hours a week.


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