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Bringing new dimensions to structures with qualified product range, Kalebodur, with one of its’ series expressing the strength and durability of tile at the best Luxury Cement Pro, is creating sophisticated spaces using the strong typology of porcelain ceramic tile. The cement series, offering a plain look when used in interior designs, brings the most natural states of architecture to living spaces with its’ simple surface texture.

With the increasing impact of industrial style in interiors, concrete-like walls and floors are still to be the favourites of those who like uncommon decoration styles. Kalebodur’s Luxury Cement Pro series is bringing that cement concrete look that’s becoming more and more popular, to our life. The series which the rough exposed concrete texture is enriched with elegant touches, is reflecting the timeless beauty of concrete in living spaces.

With its’ strong typology, Luxury Cement Pro porcelain ceramic tile is designed to offer sophisticated spaces and minimal solutions. The minimal solutions of the tiles which are produced in dimensions 60 x120 and 60 x60 cm, allows for creating feeling of integrity very much emphasized by architects. Bringing together the colors such as bone, mink, grey, dark grey and dark anthracite, Luxury Cement Pro porcelain ceramic tile, with its’ functionality and high perfomance features, can be safely used on high traffic and wearable surfaces for years.


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