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The "Sons of Gallipoli" project, initiated by the Kale Group on the 100th Anniversary of the Canakkale Victory, continues with the Sons of Gallipoli Special NFT Collection, designed for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

Kale Group prepared an interactive documentary on the 100th Anniversary of the Canakkale Victory in 2016 to commemorate the sons of the country who fell for this land. The group also published the English and Turkish versions of this documentary on their website. It conveyed the digital story of Canakkale Epic to the whole world with the power of digital and social media. Then, as a part of this project, it opened the "Sons of Gallipoli Interactive Experience" exhibition in the container set up in Canakkale Pier Square.

With gratitude for the land where it was born, Kale Group released the Sons of Gallipoli NFT Collection Special Edition on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye. This 18-piece collection commemorates March 18th and offers access to iconic and original photographs of the Canakkale Victory.

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