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Swiss sanitary ware giant Geberit crowns the bathroom collection with the Citterio series.

Citterio, which combines simple details with flowing shapes, is the name of perfect design and carries the signature of Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio. With its natural form, smooth appearance and unique design, Geberit Citterio differentiates bathrooms.


Elegant and functional

Geberit Citterio series that brings meaning and depth to living spaces brings a breath of fresh air to your bathrooms. Citterio series, which stands out with its organic form sinks, moisture resistant wood structure and aesthetic appearance of glass, allows you to sign a minimal and bold decoration in your bathrooms. Products with a smooth appearance with KeraTect special glazing technology in the Geberit Citterio series, and smart toilets that prevent dirt accumulation with Rimfree® feature perfectly match with Geberit AquaClean. Geberit Citterio series, which has a special line with its slow-closing drawer mechanism and glass surface in furniture, is the name of the freedom of design in your bathroom.


Citterio bathroom furniture…


Citterio bathroom furniture, on the other hand, allows its user to reflect his personality to the bathrooms with numerous combination options. The Citterio series furniture, which has won the admiration of order lovers with its elegance brought by its simplicity, has a beige oak and gray brown oak wooden surface option. The ambitious Gray coffee glass or black glass cover option enables an exciting combination in the bathrooms. In addition, the design fits perfectly with Geberit AquaClean smart toilets that do not accumulate dirt with Rimfree® technology.


Geberit, whose foundations were laid by Albert Gebert in 1874, Geberit Group, which operates worldwide by making the first reservoir with wooden exterior and lead armature in 1905 and patented it in 1912, is the leader of the sanitary installation industry in Europe. Continuing its existence as an industry leader in almost all countries in the fields of sanitary and sanitary ware, especially in central Europe, Geberit has 29 production facilities, 6 of which are overseas. The company, headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland, operates in 50 countries with 12,000 employees.


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