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The ceramic exhibition titled "The Other One", organized by Bursa Ceramic Art Collective under the sponsorship of Durma Sanat, was viewed at Nilufer Municipality Gallery N between 14- 28 February.

One of the exhibitions organized to promote ceramic art more comprehensively and increase its awareness before the 2nd International Ceramics Biennial, which will be held in Bursa between 24 October and 24 November, was "The Other One".

Huri Aykut Ulker was the curator of the exhibition, which opened on February 14, Valentine's Day. “A comfortable walk requires a pair of shoes. Shoes that are compatible with each other, fit the feet, reflect the character, have a story... Just like people looking for their own pair... There is one and the other feels that it is the other one and is looking for it. People searching for each other with love, curiosity and haste, just like shoes, like bodies worn on our souls... Do you have the other one?” Many ceramic artists responded to the manifesto with their works.


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