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E.C.A. SEREL, with sinks and toilets they developed with touch controlled armatures and silver ion technology and enables 360 degrees washing without splashing water, is turning our practical precautions to full capacity hygiene. Updating their operational processes and products in paralel with ever-changing circumstances, the company is still preserving its’ approach that prioritizes human and nature in pandemic too.

Rapidly keeping on their R&D studies oriented at the development of hygiene based products, in these days where struggle against Covid-19 is still continuing all over the world, Elmor Inc.’s General Director Enver Oz points out the top-end investments made by Elmor in hygienic technologies: “Using silver ion technology in vitrified industry in 2015 with SEREL, we have glazed all the vitrified products without pursuing any price difference and started the period of ceramic sanitary ware with hygienic surface. We have added the same nano technologic hygiene standard that offers safe use benefit, as a standard in Icon, Purity, Myra, Mina and Novita armature series of E.C.A. armatures. We can also apply this technology in other series of E.C.A. upon the request of our customers”.

“We are inspired from Turkish people’s sense of cleaning”

Enver Oz stated out that engineers and designer who developed the Hygiene Plus technology thay have started in 2015 with the SEREL brand, are inspired from Turkish people’s sense of cleaning and describing this technology as follows: “Hygiene Plus technology covers the dirt repellency on vitrified surface by the help of silver ions. All the products of SEREL have special surface coatings that repel dirt.As of by 2016, we have applied this hygienic surface treatment which we call Hygiene Plus, on all of our armatures surfaces. We also take pride in being the first company that manufacture the hygienic coated armatures that we made available by using nano technology on armatures products of chromium materials. And other SEREL bathroom products developed with hygiene in mind, are our vitrified products named Pure Wash which’s known in the market as

ductless toilet and enables the easy celaning of the inner surface of the toilet and our Easy Wash self-cleaning sinks which’s brought in the industry also by our brand. Again, photoelectric armatures that nullifies the surface theme, are one of our substantial products that’s preferable in this critical period we’re in. As you can see in these examples, in order to enhance the quality in our products and services we are effectively using the technology since our foundation and we will continue to use it in the future.”

SEREL, obtained the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certification”

Developed a series of operation to maintain the hygiene principal in pandemic and putting TSE standards into high practice by saying “health at first”, SEREL, as the results of the inspections carried out in SEREL Ceramics Factory in Manisa by the Ministrial participations, became the first institution in its’ industry and region that’s became entitled to obtain the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certification”.

Since the day the pandemi has started, SEREL, as an industrial institution, has builded its’ whole system intended to fight against Covid-19. The institution has oriented at all the directives of the ‘Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guideline’ that’s prepared by the experts of Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) as a guideline for industrial enterprises in their fight against Covid-19, and restructured itself to take into account the health of its’ employees, visitors, suppliers, in other words all of its’ stakeholders.

Carrying out all the procedures determined by Turkish Standards Institutiton (TSE) during this time, SEREL Ceramics Factory has gone through an extensive inspection last month by the TSE expert auditors. The factory has completed the inspection process successfully and there weren’t any nonconformity determined in various unit and operational points such as manufacturing areas, services, waste management, offices, toilets, cafeterias, sterilization works, briefings and trainings.

With the “TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certification” that represnts the conformity of enterprises to safe and hygienic production standards not only for pandemic time but also for post-pandemic time, SEREL registered its’ well-set tradition that prioritizes the human factor.


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