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Organized 3 separate events as parts of the Architects Week, Seramiksan opened its factories and showrooms to architects and interior architects. While the participants in the events organized in Manisa and Izmir, got detailed information on the brand's manufacturing processes, technical processes and automation systems, they also had conversation about sustainability.

Professionals from different sectors came together in various events organized as parts of the World Architecture Day celebrated on the first Monday of October every year. The domestic tile, construction chemicals and vitrified products manufacturer Seramiksan opened its factories and showrooms with 3 events it organized in October.

Architects and interior architects who are the members of Turgutlu Chamber of Architects and Manisa Chamber of Architects, visited the brand's factory in the district on sperate days. In the technical together with the accompaniment of Seramiksan executives also, the granite factory is visited where the plus sized granites are manufactured. Architects and interior architects also visited Seramiksan's vitrified products factory which is one of the most advanced vitrified manufacturing plants of the world and got detailed information on manufacturing processes, technical processes and automation systems.

Another one of the events under the World Architecture Day is the breakfast organized in Buca Yapi showroom in Izmir. Architects participating this event, examined the tiles, construction chemicals, bathroom furniture and vitrified products in the store; had conversation about production process and sustainability in line with 0% waste product, 0% waste water policy adopted by the brand.


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