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Held in Italy between 26th-30th September 2022, the world’s biggest ceramics exposition Cersaie hosted the leading brands of several countries and their newest products. Manufacturing tile and vitrified products since 1994, Seramiksan has introduced the innovations designed for 2023 for the first time in Cersaie.

Presenting its’ new series to both sector professionals’ and consumers’ taste, Seramiksan, in world’s biggest ceramic exposition, has given place for its’ glossy marble and stone looking porcelain tiles which are the essentials of decoration as well as its’ vitrified products that supports design perception in bathrooms.

There are a total of 11 tile series for the floors, among Seramiksan’s innovations prepared for 2023. In seven of these series, the big sized tiles are standing out by bringing glossy marbles to the surfaces that become a global design trend. Alongside the blue veined Amos, the Bahama with a sophisticated look and the Giza with warm colors that reflect a mystical spirit, there are also series like the Joy and Rosella among all these. Harmony, Trio and City series on the other hand, are reflecting various color charts of the natural stone pattern with their matte surfaces. Every series addresses the different life styles of users with their patterns and colors and creates a design integrity when combined with vitrified products.

Seramiksan displayed its’ two new bowl sink models under the vitrified products group for the first time in this exposition, and its’ over-the-counter sinks called the Sole and the Form are being manufactured both with a faucet hole and without a faucet hole. Added to the Saturn sink series which offers a comfortable and functional area to the user and eases the water flow with its’s large reservoir, the new ductless Rim-out wall-hung toilets enhances hygiene and comfort in bathrooms with their anthracite and matte black colors. A new addition to the Hill Smart Urinal series that’s way beyond being a urinal, the Rim-out wall-hung toilet and wall-hung bidet series with matte black, matte white and glossy black colors, are complementing each other and present a wholistic bathroom concept.


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