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Vitrified tile and building chemicals manufacturer Seramiksan shared its’ 2022 report. Company pointed out that they increase the number of dealers in 76 cities to 240 and announced its’ 2023 goals. According to this, the company plans to increase its’ production capacity in vitrified category by double and speed up its’ sustainability activities.

Increasing its’ total exportation of 2022 by 18,19% and up to 5,9 billion dollars compared to the previous year, Seramiksan, one of the key actors of this sector, announced its’ 2022 report. Exporting 30% of its’ tile, vitrified products and building chemicals to 60 countries, Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar spoke about this as follows: “Several developments have been lived through last year affecting the global business and exportation networks. One of these were the ‘anti-damping’ investigation in Europe which’s the biggest exportation market of ceramics industry. This has redounded on the Turkish companies growing rapidly in the European market as 18,7% customs tax. While we were waiting for the conclusion of the EU Commission on the subject on the 11th of February, the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war has also caused the manufacturers in Europe to reduce their manufacturing capacities. While our domestic companies were trying to turn this situation into their advantage, as Seramiksan we continued to grow despite all negative factors”.

Seramiksan, as a manufacturer of ceramics, vitrified, building chemicals and bathroom furniture, is offering its’ products to consumers through 240 dealers and 1000 sub dealers in 76 cities. Caglar pointed out that they have one of the biggest vitrified manufacturing plants in the world and added: “We laid the foundation of our vitrified factory in 2014 and began works to increase its’ capacity by double in 2023. This plant is able to manufacture cutting edge vitrified products with zero-touch and will be one of the few factories in the world both by means of capacity and technology when the investment is completed. We determined new countries and regions as part of our plans of opening to new markets in the upcoming period and we are also supporting our works in these countries and regions with other activities. We will be both extending our business network and enhance our exportation performance with events such as the Cersaie Exhibition in Italy we attended last September and the ISH Frankfurt exhibition in Germany which we will be taking place in March for instance”.

They integrated sustainability into daily operations

Underlining that they provide service with rich and innovational product range in different categories, M. Sureyya Caglar shared information on their goals: “In 2023, we will continue to walk for greater goals with the same faith and dedication. As a company taking sustainability as a mission, reducing our carbon footprint and water consumption and achieving energy efficiency are among our priorities. With our 0% waste product, 0% waste water policy centered at our daily operations, we’re glad to contribute to a sustainable world. With our recycling plant we engaged in 2018, we treat the whole waste of our ceramic and vitrified factories not releasing even a bit amount of waste to nature and environment, reevaluate them in our production processes and carrying through our course of manufacture in harmony with nature for a greener and more habitable world. With an approach adopting innovation and positioning digital transformation and innovation at the center of our activities, we will be rapidly keeping on our works and studies in 2023 too”.


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